Why Thailand is the Best Country For Remote Workers

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Nowadays, the world is definitely changing quite fast, and this has a strong impact on people and   their jobs. The way people used to work doesn’t exist anymore. Everything is different now  including the mentality of each individual. Therefore, what can you do in order to have a decent level of living and also have more free time? Where can you go for making your dream come true? In our opinion here is why Thailand is the best country for remote workers.


Travelling Is Very Cheap and Easy As Well

Today, people have the possibility to travel quite a lot due to the fact that flight tickets have a reasonable price. Therefore, they do not want to work 365 days a year and have only 20 days off, when they can work remotely, and have more free time to enjoy life. Researches have shown that  South East Asia, especially Thailand and Indondesia, are without a doubt the best destinations for remote workers. Here, 90% of the population has quit their job and work for their own personal interest, which is absolutely great. Thailand is perfect for young entrepreneurs, no matter what they want to do. It is enough space for everyone and those who would like to work remotely should seriously consider choosing this country as a new beginning that can offer them and their families fantastic personal satisfactions.

The Living Expenses Are Very Low

In comparison with many other countries, Thailand is very cheap. This can be hard to believe given the fact that there are heavy touristic activities. People can eat in restaurants or even on streets thanks to the many street-food trucks that provide fantastic foods at a very low price. Basically, you can eat in Thailand with very little money. Food is cheap and transportation as well, even if you choose to travel by plane from a city to another, you will not need to spend too much money. This aspect must be taken into consideration when choosing to work remotely. If you want to earn enough money for you and your family, and also have more free time to spend for them, then you need to make sure you eat healthy and as it is necessary, with a small amount of money, and this is something that you can do in Thailand.

High Speed Internet Access

The internet speed in this country is absolutely incredible, and this is a very important aspect that will help you, as a young entrepreneur to do a fantastic job. In many countries, lots of coffee places do not offer free WiFi, and this can be a disadvantage, that can affect your work, if you need to do something urgent and you are not at home, or at the office. In Thailand most of the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants have free WiFi. Keep in mind that when working remotely, having your mobile phone connected with internet is essential in order to be able to send/read/reply important emails, and more. You must be connected at all times for better results and a good information.



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