Thailand’s Most Spectacular Places to Visit

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Thailand has lots of temples and beaches, extremely beautiful and breathtaking. The landscaping of this country has made it so amazing worldwide, and this is why it is quite difficult to choose a place to go on your holiday. However, we’ve made some research and looked for the most spectacular attractions you should not miss while you are in Thailand. Make yourself comfortable and continue to read this article.

Mae Hong Sun

We highly recommend to go to Mae Hong Sun, a beautiful province with stunning mountains and valleys. The view from the mountain is absolutely gorgeous, and it will surely impress you. Keep in mind that you can get here by car or motorcycle. However, the journey will be one to remember over the years. Once you get to Mae Hong Sun you will also be able to see numerous caves and nature parks, which, again, will impress you. This is a place where you can go with the whole family. Just make sure you have your camera with you, so that you can take photos with the amazing views.

Silver Temple Chiang Mai

This temple has something special and that is the the fact that all the capitals of the world are displayed on the walls. The policy is that women are not allowed to go inside. However, they can go to the temple ground after they pay a fee. They also can’t go inside the hall. When it comes to Buddhism, things are quite strict, and if you are a tourist then you need to know something about this aspect in order to not do something wrong while you are on holiday.

White Temple Chiang Rai

When it comes to originality, Chiang Rai is without a doubt on the the first place, due to its spectacular architecture and thanks to the white colour. It actually looks like it’s from another world. The contemporary style of this temple is impressive and it is unique in the world. The uniqueness is given by the shape, structures, and pure white colour.

Wat Chaloem

This is definitely one of the Thailand’s most spectacular places to visit, and if you choose this country as the destination for your holiday, then you must make sure you don’t miss this place. The floating padogas look quite unreal. There is an easy access from Chiang Mai, by car. The legend says that all the white pagodas have been carried up by hand, which is without a doubt absolutely stunning. Constructions like these are unique in the world, and this is why they are so spectacular.

Emerald Lake

Another breathtaking place is the Emerald Lake. This jungle sinkhole it is filled with blue and crystal clear water, and also huge catfish. This lake is the only one of this type in Thailand. Make sure you have a motorbike with strong tires or a 4×4 car, in order to get here, because there is a lot of mud and dirt. However, once you get to this place, you will have a great satisfaction and you will be thrilled by the lake.

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