How To Fail A Date

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When you go on a date, you will be dropped into the pool of rejection. Nothing is going to be as hurtful and painful as accepting a “no” when you haven’t even had a chance to express yourself properly. However, so many people have this idea that a date is completely negative and must be gotten over with quickly. There are however, a long list of reasons to consider if this way of thinking is actually true.

If you consider the following ways to end a date which would not be pleasant, the smart thing to do is to find out what is really stopping you from communicating openly with this person. It is helpful to find this out, because when you are ready to walk out, you know exactly why this person isn’t suitable for you.

1. Appearance. When the other person doesn’t match the image you have of yourself, you may feel it is an ego strokes but it is worth giving it a second look. You should be clean at your date and wear something nice. Make sure it fits you nicely, metaphorically and literally. You do not want to invade someone else’s space. You do not thus want to scream “OCE”.

2. Health. The same goes for your health. You don’t want to impress anyone with motor mouth or bad breath. Nobody likes to have to suffer through what you quietly dreads. Maybe you can slip on some teeth brushing before the date but it is probably going to create chemical reactions that you don’t want to have to deal with.

3. Laughter. When you finally get to your date, do you agree with the choice of music, the movie or some other elements that occur on your date? No, you haven’t studied your new friend, so when you are sub-consciously affect any elements, you probably will not be a good judge of what to put in a conversation at the end. You might want to keep the last few elements to yourself at the beginning of a relationship.

4. Personal hygiene. Good hygiene is the single most important element of a memorable date. If you care for yourself, you care for others. You immediately achieve two steps forward in the scoring process, and you have gained a friend. However, avoid smelly feet! You definitely do not want to catch your date’s attention with feet covered in gold polish. Wear clean, ironed clothes that fit you nicely.

5. Target people you want to date. Define what you want in partner. Write it down so you don’t become overwhelmed at the end of the night. The act of writing what you want will also help you think about it refine your ideas. It will also aid you in the long run, should you find yourself not dating what you want. This will help you accept what you receive and focus on what you do want.

6. Be polite.  Really, saying ‘thank you’ is nice, but it lacks the necessary follow-up which shows you have dirt on your shoes. Everyone wants to be appreciated, but people really don’t want to be latched on for an indefinite period of time. Try to put your foot down once in a while, without being unpleasant.

7. Stay fit. Last but not least, stay fit. Exercise not only improves your appearance, it improved your mood and your body’s health. It improves your posture, which adds to your sex appeal. If you are active, you will be more attractive, by simply walking or riding a bike.

These are the simple steps to a great date. As they say, you win some you lose some, but dating is not about losing some. It is about gaining something, like happiness in the process  or maybe firstly you can try dating an escort to boost your confidence. Take a look on ! 

Good luck singles, dating is an experience to cherish.

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